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A Brief History - Golden Moment Farm

Maple Syrup

 We established Golden Moment Farm in 1997.   Before we purchased the property we researched the land and property to determine how we could make a living from the property.  The results of this research determined that the best sustainable business opportunity would be to establish a maple syrup business.  That became our goal.  In 1998 (yep the year of the ice storm) we were ready to launch our 1st efforts...  it was an extremely difficult year as most of our trees received 65% crown damage and the future was 'ify' at best.  But we persevered and moved forward year by year.  

Since then we have grown from 300 buckets and a homemade processing system to approximately 2500 taps on pipeline and the latest in Maple Syrup processing equipment.  We have recently renovated our original bottling and labeling room and will also use it as our maple sampling room.  It will be open in the spring of 2020...  watch for our grand opening date!  

Golden Retrievers

A 2nd focus for our farm would be continuing breeding and raising Golden Retrievers...  We got our first retriever in 1989 and since then have bred every couple of years, and maintained our female  line - our next litter will be in 2020 and will be the 9th generation of our first female. The goal in breeding these dogs is not so much for making a profit but more to have a strong and healthy line of puppies that people can enjoy and rely on. 


Our 3rd focus for the farm came after a couple of years...  we decided that in doing business sustainably, and with tradition we purchased a team of Clydesdale mares...  We felt that using horses to gather sap, and  perhaps do farm tours of the property opened up another avenue for revenue.  Through the years and with many lessons  learned we determined that although it did bring in a bit of revenue our physical health with aging make it a unrealistic in reality.  So now we enjoy our Clydesdales as big pets!

About Us


Although our focus is on the production and selling of maple syrup, and related products we are always exploring ideas on how we can let others enjoy our trails and scenery year round.  In 2020 we will start booking for guided walking tours around the farm.   A minimum of 5, maximum of 10 will ensure that individual focus and opportunity for great photo opportunities are available.  


John spends time year round researching and learning new ways of upgrading systems that ensure the production of quality maple syrup.   Remaining efficient and current with the maple industry is key while also keeping to traditional values and protection of the forest and land is integral to our business.  


Norma spends her time on the bottling, labeling and quality control of the maple syrup and maple products and on the sales and marketing side of the business.   

Maple Products for Sale

Maple Syrup

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Butter

4 litre (Plastic) $66.00  

2 litre (Plastic) $36.00  

l litre (Glass | Plastic) $23.00  

500 ml (Glass | Plastic) $12.50  

250 ml (Glass | Plastic) $8.00

100 ml (Plastic)    $4.50

250 ml (Fancy - Glass Maple Leaf) $12.50  

50 ml (Fancy - Glass Maple Leaf) $4.50  

Maple Butter

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Butter

 250 ml - glass / plastic container $13.00

125 ml - glass container $8.00

Maple Crunch

50 grams $5.00 (Resealable Plastic Bag)

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar

Maple Candy

Large Maple Leaf (1) $1.00  

Granulated Sugar 

64 grams sugar - Shaker Bottle $5.00      

(bulk sizes available on request)


*made to order to guarantee fresh

Maple Candy & Maple Granulated Sugar




A personal interest in photography has resulted in years of pictures that I would like to share with you...  Scrolling below are memories through the years...  

If you are interested in purchasing any of the prints let me know - they are for sale... price depends on size and delivery cost.  

If you are interested in an opportunity to take some very unique photographs of Clydesdales, Golden Retrievers, a protected wetlands and 10+ km of nature trails guided walking tours can be organized . 

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